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Orange county transportation authority (OCTA)

I-5 Improvement Project (SR73-to-El Toro Road)

Comm LAB provided management and oversight of the outreach during the Project Approval / Environmental Development (PA/ED) Phase of the project.  Outreach elements included an official Public Hearing as well as several unofficial but important community open houses and neighborhood “community coffees” on weekends in cul de sacs and pocket parks to inform residents about the project alternatives, benefits and potential impacts.  We went door-to-door with doorhangers the week of the coffee 

and on Saturday mornings we set up tables with posters, fact sheets and provided coffee and donuts to engender a more casual atmosphere.  We also developed and distributed a color-coded project brochure, FAQ, provided social media platform management, video production services and conducted key stakeholder ascertainment surveys.  The freeway improvement project was approved unanimously by the OCTA Board and is currently under construction.

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