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The Lab Team

The Comm LAB team is made up of seasoned, award-winning professionals with decades of experience in a wide range of industries. With deep relationships throughout Orange County, the Inland Empire and Los Angeles, there is nothing we have not seen.

“Communications LAB is all about helping clients find their voice and amplify their message. As our name implies – it’s both an art and a science.”

Our team

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Arianna Barrios

Chief Executive Officer

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Brian Lochrie


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Martin McIntosh

VP of Operations

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Justin Glover

Director of Accounts

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Kelsey Eiben

Director of Digital
Marketing & Comms

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Diego Teran

Senior Account Manager
Multicultural Outreach 

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Diana Moreno

Senior Account Manager
Government Affairs

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Danielle Wimberley

Business Manager
Accounting & Finance

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Jessica Van Oyen

Creative Manager
Graphics & Branding

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Michelle Lim

Account Manager
Social Media

Communications Lab-2021-055.jpg

Bill Lochrie

Account Manager
Commercial & Retail

Communications Lab-2021-081.jpg

Jorgie Sandoval

Account Executive
Events & Production

Communications Lab-2021-065.jpg

Mark Wimberley

Account Executive
Social Media

Communications Lab-2021-060.jpg

Tanya Silerio

Public Affairs Associate

Communications Lab-2021-059.jpg

Nathan Campos

Public Affairs Associate

Mary Amontos.jpg

Mary Amontos

Social Media Associate

Communications Lab-2021-061.jpg

Stacie Bautista

Finance Associate

Communications Lab-2021-077.jpg

Zane Toledo

Content Marketing


Jorgie Sandoval

Account Executive
Events & Committee

Communications Lab-2021-074.jpg

Anna Forslund

Public Affairs Associate

If you are interested in becoming a Comm LAB intern or entry-level associate, we need to meet!

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