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Brooke Hester

Account Executive - Public Affairs

Brooke began her journey with Communications LAB as an intern in July 2023 and transitioned into her role as a Public Affairs Executive by March 2024. With a Bachelor's degree in Communications and a concentration in Public Relations from Cal State Fullerton, Brooke brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her position.In her current capacity, Brooke thrives as a liaison between clients and the public, crafting compelling copy, managing social media platforms, and assisting in public outreach initiatives. Her passion for amplifying client voices is evident in her meticulous approach to client relations and her love for strategic communication.

Office: 949-215-5539 ext. 114  |  Mobile 949-606-3065

Favorite Music Genre: Sushi

Favorite movie: 13 Going On 30

Hobbies: Game night with friends

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