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Favorite sports: Tennis & soccer (the order is always under debate)

Food: Ceviche

Pet: Sharla (Aussie/Border Collie mix)

Song: Equinox, John Coltrane

First job: Food and beverage entrepreneur

Favorite author: Hermann Hesse

diego teran

senior account manager: public affairs

Early in life Diego at a German school discovered the beauty of communicating with people in other languages and has always enjoyed the possibilities of bringing people together. His marketing skills took him to three top-ten Hispanic advertising agencies, where he worked in award-winning campaigns for El Pollo Loco, Honda Cars, Nestlé, and Taco Bell.


He has also used his marketing skills in brand management for health and beauty products. At The Disneyland Resort, he translated the longest continuously-running Disney publication--The Disneyland Resort Line to Spanish, and also worked on multimedia internal campaigns. 


At Communications LAB he does Hispanic outreach for Southern California Edison and The Redlands Passenger Rail Project. Additionally, he translates English copy to Spanish and does legal interpretation for OCTA public meetings.

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949-215-5539 ext. 109
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