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The Comm LAB Team is a dedicated group of experienced professionals who understand how to get the job done. At Comm LAB, we will work with you to develop a winning strategy that best fits yours needs, objectives and your business's unique voice.  

Public relations

Effective public relations is an indispensable aspect of any thriving organization's strategy. Our team is well aware of this fact and is well-equipped to handle your organization's needs. Our services encompass various specialties, including strategic communications, public affairs, public outreach, media relations, and crisis communications. These services are specifically designed to assist businesses and organizations in establishing and sustaining positive relationships with the public, the media, and other stakeholders. All of these services are vital in building and preserving a positive reputation and ensuring the long-term success of any organization. 

Strategic Comms

We can help you identify critical areas where your communication strategy can be improved through our extensive experience by providing analysis, audits, and a comprehensive communication plan tailored to your needs.  Our team will then work with you to develop a comprehensive communication plan that considers your goals, audience, and critical messages. Our bilingual support ensures you can reach a wider audience and communicate clearly and effectively with your stakeholders. 

We offer a wide range of services for public affairs, such as project management, community outreach, third-party advocacy, and bilingual support. Our team recognizes the significance of communicating effectively with diverse audiences and collaborates with our clients to create communication plans catering to their requirements. Our success stories show our capacity to manage projects efficiently, establish connections with key stakeholders, and produce favorable results. 



We specialize in offering thorough public relations services to help with your community outreach. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in conducting in-depth public opinion research, project management, and organizing public meetings, workshops, events, and public hearings. We recognize the significance of effective communication with diverse groups, so we offer bilingual support to ensure that everyone in your community understands your message. 

 Our team is skilled in creating strategic messaging that resonates with your target audience and produces positive outcomes. We also provide media training to ensure your spokesperson is well-prepared and confident when interacting with the media. We understand the importance of the Public Information Officer (PIO) and spokesperson roles, and our support can make it easy for you to navigate these positions. With our experienced team, you can achieve your media relations goals and establish a positive reputation in your industry.  

Media RElations


Our team provides active crisis communications support, including speech and statement writing, to ensure your message is clear and highly effective. We also offer media relations support to manage the flow of information to the public with utmost professionalism. Our crisis training is designed to equip your spokesperson with all the necessary skills and confidence to deal with the media during a crisis. With our experienced team, you can confidently manage any crisis and establish a positive reputation in your industry.  events, and public hearings.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a comprehensive strategy encompassing several services to help businesses enhance their online presence. These services include social media management, website development and optimization for search engines, email and content marketing, performance analysis, and creative content creation. Together, these services provide a complete digital marketing solution for businesses to achieve their marketing goals and grow their online presence. 


Social Media Strategy 

Editorial calendar  

Content Development 

Cross Promotion 

Affiliate marketing 

Influencer marketing 

Community management


Site Mapping

Copy Writing 



Consumer Journeys 

SEO & Meta Tags

Mobile Optimization

Interface Designs

Website & seo

Email &

Email Marketing

Templates & Designs

Database Mangement

Segmentation and Flows

Transactional & Drip

Blog Development

Social Media Advertising

Search (Google, Bing)



Event tracking & Pixels

Conversion Optimization



Email Marketing

Templates & Designs

Database Mangement

Segmentation and Flows

Transactional & Drip

Blog Development

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a tried and true approach to reaching potential customers and building brand recognition. With direct mail, print/broadcast ads, event marketing, and intentional branding, our team of experts is prepared to take your organization to the next level. We ensure businesses have a consistent and recognizable presence across all channels. 

Association Management

If you're looking for a complete solution for managing your association, you may want to consider association management services. These services cover everything from board and event management, PR and marketing, member relations, and administration. They are highly effective in improving organizational efficiency and achieving your desired outcomes. 

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