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Keepin' it Reel: Why You Should Consider Video Content Services

Why are video content services beneficial?

Videos are more effective than photos and other types of static content because they are more engaging and clickable. They draw in more viewers by using algorithms that cater to one’s interests, making it less likely for users to scroll past them. Stories and live videos are great ways to showcase your business's personality and transparency. Communicating your message through video is much easier for users to understand versus reading a long text on a graphic. Studies show that viewers remember “ 95% of a message when watching a video than when they read a text.” Stories encourage audience engagement and interaction with likes, shares, emoji reactions, and direct messages, while live videos give your audience the opportunity to interact directly, ask questions, and build a more personal connection with your business or organization. Live videos can hold a viewer’s attention “20 times longer than on-demand content.”

Keep it short and sweet! Creating short videos that are 15-20 seconds long will get more user engagement and retain someone’s attention for longer in comparison to three-minute videos. Users are more likely to remember a message when it is watched compared to when it’s read, making videos great paid ads on many social media platforms. According to WordStream, “80% of people who watch a video ad can recall it 30 days later.” Focus on producing interesting, entertaining, and relatable videos to get the most out of user engagement.

Services CommLAB offers:

Video content is a game-changer! It outperforms other types of content when it comes to user engagement, comprehension, and retention. Video content is easier to understand for all age groups, especially when we are targeting the younger generation of media consumers. Comm LAB offers many video services, from creating sizzle reels for businesses, recording events for Youtube or websites, creating drone footage, taking over live feeds, and more. Contact us today to “reel” in all the benefits of video content creation!


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