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Let’s get digital—DIGITAL!

If television killed the radio star, did digital marketing disrupt print ads?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about putting products or ideas in front of the right people on their electronic devices. Digital marketing wasn’t really a thing until the Internet rolled out in the 90s, which leaves a lot of room for growth in the coming years. The world of marketing is constantly evolving and demands a proprietary blend of creativity and strategy as the forefront of any successful campaign. The Internet plays an integral part of our lives, connecting businesses and organizations to their target audiences in real time. As technology advances and revolutionary products are eventually accepted as mainstream, new avenues of digital marketing are revealed. The pandemic has not only reenforced the idea that workplaces need to adapt and thrive online, but it also uncovered blind spots in marketing strategies. Clear and definable objectives plus a comprehensive marketing plan based off analytics are the first steps to kickstarting outreach and brand awareness.

At communications LAB, we audit our clients’ digital marketing channels and assets before developing a consistent brand guide to establish a distinctive voice within their communities and anywhere online. Take a look here for our services.

Interview Q & A with Kelsey Eiben and Michelle Lim

Kelsey Eiben is CommLAB’s very own Director of Digital, Marketing, and Communications. She has extensive experience in branding AND also majored in Musical Theatre, which means she can find your voice before commanding an audience’s attention. Michelle Lim is our Social Media Manager. When she’s not hard at work making sure our clients receive the best content for their channels, she can be found outdoors enjoying a hike or exploring a new city.

1. Outside of work, do you personally use social media? What makes you interact with a post?

Michelle Lim: Yes, during my free time, I like to spend some time scrolling through Instagram and TikTok. I tend to gravitate more towards reels and video content. Although I work with social media, it’s different when I’m not managing client accounts. I would say the posts that I engage with the most are reels because it allows to me to turn off my brain and just watch endless videos of animals.

2. What do you think is the biggest contributor of any digital messaging going viral?

Michelle Lim: Focusing on video content is the biggest contributor, especially amongst this generation. Short-form videos are easy to retain and are shareable. This not only helps with engagement, but it also focuses on reach. 15 to 20 second reels with a song that’s trending can grab more attention to the viewer than a vectored graphic on social media.

3. What’s a trend that popped off that you were not really a fan of?

Michelle Lim: TikTok challenges. I don’t believe there’s anything rewarding about putting your life in danger for the sake of views.

4. What is your process of evaluating and creating a digital marketing plan for clients?

Kelsey Eiben: The first thing we want to identify is a client’s online objective (i.e., What are you trying to accomplish and who are trying to reach?) In combination with the objective, we identify the key messaging, products, and/or services the client wants to promote. Together, we create a multi-tiered digital marketing plan that can include video, social media, content marketing and/or website enhancement.

5. Communications LAB was announced the #4 Public Relations firm in Orange County’s business Journal for 2022. What makes CommLAB stand out amongst other PR and marketing agencies?

Kelsey Eiben: I think Comm LAB is one of the hardest working PR firms in the county. We are constantly looking for creative solutions and are laser focused on serving our clients as a cohesive team. But what sets us apart, is our ability to combine traditional public and stakeholder outreach strategies with the latest digital tactics.


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